What is the strongest store bought beer?

What is the strongest store bought beer?

The strongest beer in the world is the Brewmeister Snake Venom. Bottled at 67.5% ABV, the Scottish beer is easily the heaviest on offer.

What is the strongest beer you can buy in UK?

A British beer, containing 68% alcohol, has been officially named as the world’s strongest. The aptly named Snake Venom, which costs £50 for a 275ml bottle, states it is 67.5% alcohol by volume (abv) but Trading Standards tests have found it to be 0.5% stronger.

What is the most drunk beer in UK?


  • 1 San Miguel53%
  • 2 Guinness51%
  • 3 Heineken51%
  • 4 Kopparberg50%
  • 5 Bulmers48%
  • 6 Peroni46%
  • 7 Stella Artois45%
  • 8 Kronenbourg 166443%

Which beer has the highest alcohol content?

Brewmeister Snake Venom broke the world record for the highest alcohol content. The beer has 67.5% ABV (135 proof).

Is Heineken a strong beer?

Heineken is a super-inoffensive lager with a stronger, bitterer taste than most internationally mass-produced lagers.

What strength is Stella in the UK?

In 2020, AB InBev reduced the alcohol content of their beers for the UK market, from 4.8% to 4.6%. The original UK strength of Stella Artois was 5.2% and 4.8% from 2008 till 2020.

Is Peroni beer brewed in the UK?

It is probably best known worldwide for its pale lager, Nastro Azzurro (5.1% ABV), which was the 13th best-selling beer in the United Kingdom in 2010. By 2016, Peroni was owned by Miller Brands U.K. of SABMiller….Peroni Brewery.

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Is Budweiser Magnum strong beer?

Budweiser Magnum – 6.5% ABV The light version of this legendary beer is well-loved for its smooth flavour and crisp texture. The strong variant still holds on to some of those plus-points, not to mention you’ll get a nice buzz while at it.