What is the standard size of a Velux window?

What is the standard size of a Velux window?

Velux windows come in a range of types and sizes. They can be made to fit slim, elongated spaces or wide, small spaces. However, the tallest size a Velux window comes in is 180cm, with the shortest being 55cm. The widest size is 134cm and the slimmest size is 47cm.

Can you put a VELUX on a flat roof?

The VELUX flat glass rooflight stands out as a stylish yet discreet feature on any roof with a 2-15° pitch. The glass surface has a special coating for easy cleaning. Choose the electrically-vented base unit with VELUX INTEGRA® for comfortable, automated operation.

Can VELUX skylights be installed flat?

With a VELUX Flat Roof Skylight designed to meet the growing demand for skylights in homes with flat or low-pitch roofs, you can transform and improve virtually any space with daylight. These new Flat Roof Skylights are fitted in a PVC curb and topped with one of two covers: CurveTech glass or polycarbonate dome.

How do you measure a VELUX window?

To measure the length (or drop) of your Velux window, again take your tape measure and take two measurements of the window (left and right). Your measurements should be from the very edge and supplied to the nearest millimetre.

What is the minimum pitch for a Velux window?

The minimum pitch for a Velux window is 15 degrees so you cannot have a pitched roof with roof lights.

Do you need planning permission for a pitched roof on a flat roof?

Converting your flat roof to a pitched roof does require planning permission, as any alteration that is higher than the highest part of the existing roof requires approval.

What type of skylight is best for a flat roof?

Flat glass rooflights are amongst the most popular flat roof skylights on the market. Ultra-modern in design, boasting excellent energy efficiency and insulation, they offer great value for money. Flat glass domed rooflights use at least two layers of glass to form a highly insulated dome in a PVC frame.

Can you put skylights in a flat ceiling?

But the truth is that skylights can be installed on a pitched roof with a flat interior ceiling, and even in flat roof structures. If you have a flat ceiling with an attic space and a sloped roof, you can connect the two with a skylight shaft through the attic.

How do you measure a Velux window?

What is the widest Velux window?

Velux Roof Window Designs

Window Width Height
VELUX BK04 47cm 98cm
VELUX CK01 55cm 70cm
VELUX CK02 55cm 78cm
VELUX CK04 55cm 98cm