What is the name of a bush with small white flowers?

What is the name of a bush with small white flowers?

Viburnum features pretty blooms in spring and summer, attractive foliage in fall and berries in fall and winter. Why we love it: The viburnum family is vast and many are native to North America. These white flowering shrubs have numerous benefits and vary in height, spread and flower style.

What bushes bloom white flowers?

10 Beautiful White Flowering Shrubs

  • Korean Spice Viburnum. With flowers that look similar to lilac and have an early-spring bloom, this shrub got its name due to its unique scent that gardeners love.
  • Common Lilacs.
  • Annabelle Hydrangea.
  • Andromeda.
  • White Roses.
  • Snows of Kilimanjaro.
  • Spirea.
  • Sweet Mock Orange.

What bush has white fragrant flowers?

1) Gardenia This is a beautiful bush that has a large, white flower that smells quite exquisite. They grow best in full sun, but they can also grow in light shade as well.

What bush has white flowers in the spring?

Pieris Japonica is another of the evergreen, spring-blooming shrubs that has white flowers and a beautiful scent. It’s relatively easy to grow and has the added benefit of being deer-resistant. Find out more about growing Pieris Japonica HERE.

What kind of bush has white flowers and thorns?

In late spring, firethorn bushes produce small but showy white flowers in abundance, making a bright display of white against the dark green foliage.

Are azaleas white?

White Evergreen Azaleas (White Tsutsuji Rhododendron) The white azalea plant is often grown in the eastern United States and requires more shade than most azaleas. The blossoms are large and consist of rounded white flowers. The foliage is a lighter green than most.

What plant has white blooms?

Plants with white flowers like Lilies, Orchids, Jasmine, etc look beautiful with green foliage. White flowers are a symbol of elegance, peace, and sometimes sympathy as well. White flowers can be used during wedding bouquets, bridal bouquets, and funerals.

What flowering bush blooms the longest?

Butterfly bush have one of the longest bloom times of all garden plants: they seem to never be without flowers from early summer through autumn. This makes them perhaps better called “continuous bloomers” over rebloomers, since they don’t really take a break like other plants on this list do.

What plant has white flowers and thorns?

Crataegus, or Hawthorn, is a genus of a small tree or shrub that includes many species and varieties found throughout the Southeast from the eastern swamps and river bottoms to the western mountain ridges.

What hedge has white flowers?

Oleaster hedge plants, also known as Elaeagnus ebbingei or Silverberry, are one of our favourite species. Oleaster is a tough evergreen shrub that boast small but highly scented creamy white flowers in autumn followed by small orange fruits in spring.

Are hawthorn and Mayflower the same?

Crataegus laevigata, known as the Midland hawthorn, English hawthorn, woodland hawthorn, or mayflower, is a species of hawthorn native to western and central Europe, from Great Britain (where it is typically found in ancient woodland and old hedgerows) and Spain east to the Czech Republic and Hungary.