What is the most listened to radio station in Melbourne?

What is the most listened to radio station in Melbourne?

Nine Radio’s 3AW remained the #1 station overall, rising 0.6 percentage points to 16.9%. Among the FM contenders, Gold FM is still top dog with an 11.3% share overall among People 10+.

What is the most popular radio station in Victoria?

Top Victoria Radio Stations

  • Radio Victoria 107.9 FM.
  • CFAX 1070.
  • CFUV 101.9 FM.
  • CKKQ 100.3 The Q!
  • CIOC Ocean 98.5 FM.
  • Virgin Radio Victoria.
  • CHTT JACK 103.1.
  • CJZN The Zone 91.3 FM.

What is Melbourne radio station?

Radio stations in Melbourne, VIC

Radio stations in Melbourne, VIC Click on the radio station name to listen online
FM,MHz Station Transmitter
104.3 3KKZ Gold 104.3 Mount Dandenong, ATV-10 Tower
105.1 3MMM Triple M Melbourne Mount Dandenong, ATV-10 Tower
105.9 3ABCFM ABC Classic Mount Dandenong, ABV-2 Tower

What radio station is Triple J Melbourne?

3JJJ 107.5 FM
triple j, 3JJJ 107.5 FM, Melbourne, Australia | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

How did ABC Radio Melbourne fare in the first ratings survey?

ABC Radio Melbourne suffered a huge drop in the first ratings survey of the year, shedding 2.7 ratings points across the week, and enduring a 4.2-point drop in Sammy J’s breakfast shift (from 14 per cent share to 9.8) and 4.4 points in mornings with Virginia Trioli (down from 13.3 per cent share to 8.9 per cent of the total listening audience).

Who are Australia’s most popular radio hosts?

In the drive slot, 3AW’s Tom Elliott retained the #1 position despite dipping 0.8 points to 12.7%. He was followed by shows on Gold FM (10.8%) and ABC Melbourne’s Rafael Epstein with a big 3.0 point rise to 10.2%.

Which is the most-listened to radio station in Sydney?

Talk radio rival 3AW (owned by Nine, which publishes this masthead) also dropped, but by a smaller 0.7 points. It remains the most-listened to station in the city with a commanding 15.9 per cent share across seven days, rising to 16.5 per cent on weekdays (down from 17.1 per cent on last year’s final survey result).

What percentage of Melbourne’s radio audience does 3AW hold?

Nine Radio’s 3AW continues to hold its sizable chunk of Melbourne’s radio audience, with the station keeping a 15.5% share overall, down just 0.1 points, and with Ross and Russell keeping their 20.1% breakfast share.