What is the monorail song based on?

What is the monorail song based on?

Ya Got Trouble
The song is based on “Ya Got Trouble” from the 1958 musical The Music Man, which also concerns a fast-talking salesman conning a small town, with the chorus repeating the word “trouble” under dialogue. During the song, the residents of Springfield get “swept up in Lanley’s patter”.

Who sings the monorail song on The Simpsons?

The simpsonsThe Monorail Song / Artist

The Monorail Song is sung by Lyle Lanley and the cast during The Simpsons episode “Marge vs. the Monorail” (Season 4).

Who wrote The Simpsons monorail episode?

Conan O’Brien
With a script by Conan O’Brien – then an energetic young comedy writer – and meticulous yet joyful direction by Rich Moore – who subsequently won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature with Zootopia – the result is a wild ride, as charming conman Lyle Lanley convinces Springfield to spend $3 million on a monorail through …

How does a monorail work?

Modern monorails are based on a single solid beam that supports and guides the train; the carriages are either suspended beneath the track, or sit on top, with their wheels straddling electricity, which is carried on a ‘third rail’ either within, or connected to, the main beam.

Does Disney World have a monorail?

Ride High in the Sky The Walt Disney World Monorail System has 3 separate lines that travel throughout Walt Disney World Resort. The Resort Monorail, makes the following stops: Magic Kingdom park.

Who sold the monorail to Springfield?

Lyle Lanley
Lyle Lanley is a con artist and shyster who sold faulty monorails to several towns, including Springfield.

Is there a chance the track could bend I call the big one Bitey?

Lyle Lanley: (imagined) I’ve sold monorails to Brockway, Ogdenville, and North Haverbrook! Apu: (imagined) Is there a chance the track could bend? Homer: (imagined) I call the big one Bitey.

Did Conan create The Simpsons?

That fall, O’Brien signed on as a writer and producer for The Simpsons, where he also became a supervising producer. In a speech he gave at Harvard on Class Day in 2000, O’Brien credited The Simpsons with “saving” him, a reference to the career slump he was experiencing prior to his hiring for that show.

How fast is a monorail?

Park planners suggest that the average speed is 40 miles per hour, but even that may overstate the situation. Some parts of the monorail system go 15 miles per hour, which is basically bike-riding or jogging speed.

Does Disneyland have a monorail?

There are 2 Monorail stations at the Disneyland Resort. Catch a ride inside Disneyland Park at the Tomorrowland station right above Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage.

Can anyone ride the monorail at Disney World?

Yes. All Guests have complimentary access to our network of monorails, buses and boats. If you would like to visit multiple parks, enjoy a nice dinner at one of the Disney Resort hotels or shop at Disney Springs, you can leave your car parked in the theme park lot and use our transportation network.