Advice What is the meaning of ahead of something?

What is the meaning of ahead of something?

What is the meaning of ahead of something?

Definition of ahead of 1 : in front or advance of. 2 : in excess of. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About ahead of.

What is the meaning of to be ahead of the crowd?

phrase. If you stay one step ahead of someone or something, you manage to achieve more than they do or avoid competition or danger from them. Successful travel is partly a matter of keeping one step ahead of the crowd.

How do you use ahead in a sentence?

ahead of

  1. An awesome challenge/task lies ahead of them.
  2. Ahead of us lay ten days of intensive training.
  3. One runner forged ahead of the others and won the.
  4. Abruptly the group ahead of us came to a standstill.
  5. She left one day ahead of him.
  6. The dream was always running ahead of me.

Is ahead before or after?

in or to the front; in advance of; before: Walk ahead of us. in a forward direction; onward; forward: The line of cars moved ahead slowly. into or for the future: Plan ahead.

What does ahead of the meeting mean?

If something happens ahead of an event or time, it happens before that event or time. The Prime Minister was speaking ahead of today’s meeting. 5. phrase. If something happens ahead of schedule or ahead of time, it happens earlier than was planned.

Is ahead of before or after?

ahead of, in front of; before: He ran ahead of me. superior to; beyond: materially ahead of other countries.

What does the expression stay ahead of the curve mean?

Definition of ahead of the curve : faster about doing something than other people, companies, etc. The company has been ahead of the curve in adopting new technologies.

What is another way to say ahead of the game?

What is another word for ahead of the game?

successful accomplished
outstanding top
fortuitous noteworthy
lucky award-winning
blossoming conquering

How do you say ahead of the game?

ahead of the game

  1. going places.
  2. on cloud nine.
  3. on top.
  4. on top of the heap.
  5. on top of the world.
  6. prosperous.

How do you use go ahead?

1 : to do (something) after planning to do it Despite the bad weather, they decided to go ahead with the party. 2 : to do (something) after getting permission to do it My boss told me to go ahead with the project.

Does ahead mean before or after?

What does it mean to stay ahead of the competition?

Staying ahead of your competition means thinking outside of the box and using the right tactics together in the right way in order to create something unique that covers all of your bases. In other words, it’s about collaboration and finding a good balance, so it’s hard to define one easy secret.

What is another word for stay ahead?

Synonyms for stay ahead include remain ahead, stay in front and stay in the lead. Find more similar words at!

What does it mean to keep ahead of the game?

Note: You can also say that someone keeps ahead of the game or stays ahead of the game. We’re always looking at new technologies to keep ahead of the game. If you want your company to stay ahead of the game, you have to keep informed of these developments. ahead of your competitors or peers in the same sphere of activity.

How do you keep ahead of your competitors?

Here are eight tips for keeping ahead of your competitors: 1. Play to your strengths. What do you do best and how do your customers benefit from that? What is it about your business that makes you unique?