Advice What is the main message of Gran Torino?

What is the main message of Gran Torino?

What is the main message of Gran Torino?

Gran Torino, directed by and starring Clint Eastwood, is a dramatic film touching the subjects of racism, gangs, friendship, and death. Eastwood plays Walt, a bitter old man with an ominous voice who is mourning the death of his wife.

What did Walt call Thao?

Thao Vang Lor (portrayed by Bee Vang) is a young Hmong American man who is coerced by a Hmong gang to attempt to steal Walt Kowalski’s Gran Torino. Walt often calls Thao “Toad.” With no father in the family, he is expected to be the man of the house, but he lacks direction and initially does chores at the direction of …

What illness does Gran Torino have?

A chronic tobacco user, Walt suffers from coughing fits, occasionally with blood, which he conceals from his family. Walt’s late wife’s priest, Father Janovich, tries to comfort Walt, who dismisses him as young and inexperienced.

Why didn’t you call the police Gran Torino?

Father Janovich : Why didn’t you call the police? Walt Kowalski : Well you know, I prayed for them to come but nobody answered. Father Janovich : Walt definitely had no problem calling it like he saw it.

How are the Hmong depicted in Gran Torino?

When Hmong males are portrayed in Gran Torino it has been in negative light. With either being portrayed as burnout gangsters or feeble, weak nerd that cannot stand up for themselves, Hmong men are not shown in a very positive light.

How old is Walt in Gran Torino?

68 years old
When you see Walt’s hospital admittance paper, it lists his birthday as 02-10-1930 and his age as 68 years old.

What happened to Sue Lor in Gran Torino?

Fong however retaliated and with the help of his gang, he violently beat and raped Sue and unloaded a barrage of gunfire towards her family.

Why does Walt cough up blood?

Walt and his family return to the doctor the next week, and learn that Walt’s cancer is in remission and his tumor has shrunk by 80%; the “growth” Walt spotted was simply inflamed tissue in his lung, and a resulting tear in his esophagus caused him to cough up blood, but will heal in time. Walt’s family is ecstatic.