What is the lowest tier of Scottish football?

What is the lowest tier of Scottish football?

Scottish Highland Football League
Professional league football in Scotland is run by the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) comprising 4 tiers. Feeding into the bottom tier of the SPFL is the Scottish Highland Football League, and the Scottish Lowland Football League.

What is a third in division?

In sport, the Third Division, also called Division 3, Division Three, or Division III, is often the third-highest division of a league, and will often have promotion and relegation with divisions above and below.

How many divisions are there in Scotland?

four divisions
In senior football in Scotland there is one national league, the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL), which has four divisions….Saturday Leagues (Summer)

Leagues Divisions
Shetland Amateur Football Association 8 clubs 1 Premier League 8 clubs

How many tiers are there in Scottish football?

In senior football in Scotland there is one national league, the Scottish Professional Football League (which has four divisions). There are also several regional leagues (most notably the Highland Football League), but there is no regular promotion or relegation between the regional leagues and the national league.

Is the Scottish Premier league over?

The fixtures were published on 6 July 2020, with the season beginning on 1 August, following Scottish Government approval due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Scotland….2020–21 Scottish Premiership.

Season 2020–21
Dates 1 August 2020 – 16 May 2021
Champions Rangers 1st Premiership title 55th Scottish title
Relegated Kilmarnock Hamilton Academical

Is Highland league professional?

The league sits at level 5 on the Scottish football league system, acting as a feeder to the Scottish Professional Football League. Founded in 1893, it is currently composed of 18 member clubs in a single division….Highland Football League.

Founded 1893
Website highlandfootballleague.com
Current: 2021–22 Highland Football League

When did division 3 start?

It was formed in 1973 in a split of the College Division, the former second-tier division of NCAA member schools.

Is Highland League professional?

What are the 12 regions of Scotland?

Regions of Scotland

  • South West Scotland.
  • North East Scotland.
  • Central Scotland East.
  • Central Scotland West.
  • Scottish Highlands and Western Isles.
  • Shetland and the Orkney Islands.
  • Edinburgh.
  • Glasgow.

Why does the Scottish Premier League split?

During this period the Scottish Premier League, and now the Scottish Premiership, has operated a “split” format. This is used to prevent the need for a 44-game schedule, based on playing each other four times.

What division is Elgin?

Scottish League TwoElgin City F.C. / League