What is spreading activation method?

What is spreading activation method?

Spreading activation is the name of the process that computes activation values over a set of chunks. The spread of activation from one cognitive structure to another is determined by weighting values on the associations among chunks.

What is spreading activation semantic priming?

Spreading activation operates on interconnected nodes within semantic memory. When one node is externally activated, activation spreads to related concepts, thus raising their baseline. Priming occurs when a pre-activated concept is presented as a target.

What is the effect of spreading activation?

When part of the memory network is activated, activation spreads along the associative pathways to related areas in memory. This spread of activation serves to make these related areas of the memory network more available for further cognitive processing (Balota & Lorch, 1986).

How does activation spread within semantic networks?

The theory of spreading activation in semantic memory networks by Collins and Loftus [2] proposes that semantic concepts or memories (e.g., bear) are represented as nodes within a larger conceptual network (e.g., animals). The nodes in the conceptual network are interconnected through bidirectional associative links.

What is spreading activation quizlet?

Define spreading activation. The process through which activity in one node in a network flows outward to other nodes through associative links.

What is MCAT spreading activation?

Spreading activation is a theory proposed that relates storage of memories to the activation of a series of nodes. These nodes create an activation pattern of other related nodes and this is how singular events are remembered.

What is the main idea in spreading activation models of memory quizlet?

What is the main idea behind spreading activation models of memory? Activating one node increases the likelihood that closely associated nodes will also be activated, making that information easier to retrieve.

What theory suggests remembering information relies on spreading activation?

The Somatic Marker hypothesis proposes that remembering an emotional memory activates the somatic sensations associated with the memory. An integration of these two models suggests that as spreading activation in emotional memory networks increases, a greater number of associated somatic markers would become activated.

What is semantic retrieval?

Semantic retrieval is a memory process involving word meaning. It entails several cognitive processes such as perceiving a target word, holding it online in working memory, retrieving its meaning, activating related concepts and, depending on the task at hand, actively searching for concepts with equivalent meaning.

What happens in a semantic network models when a concept is activated?

According to most network models of semantic memory (e.g., Collins & Loftus, 1975): a) when a node is activated by presented information, activation spreads to other nodes to which it is connected.