What is pre-consumer material?

What is pre-consumer material?

“Pre-consumer Material” means material or by-products generated after manufacture of a product is completed but before the product reaches the end-use consumer.

What is pre-consumer recycled material?

The Standard states that pre-consumer recycled content is, “Material that has never reached the end-user, having been diverted from the waste stream during a manufacturing process.”

What is the difference between post-consumer and pre-consumer?

Pre-consumer waste is commonly used in manufacturing industries, and is often not considered recycling in the traditional sense. Post-consumer waste is material discarded after someone uses it.

What is an example of post-consumer material?

Common post-consumer recycled content includes copy paper, shipping boxes, empty plastic bottles, aluminum cans. Many of these items end up in a “single stream” recycling bin (such as the blue bin you likely have at home or at the office).

What is pre-consumer recycled polyester?

Pre-consumer recycled polyester comes from polyester production discards and PET plastic bottles that, due to production failures, cannot be used in the food industry and are recycled to produce recycled fibres for the textile industry (among other uses).

What is pre-consumer recycled cotton?

Pre-consumer recycled cotton (cutting waste): this is the type of cotton that comes from the waste that is produced in the manufacturing process.

What is an example of pre-consumer waste?

Pre-consumer waste is basically any material that is discarded before it reaches the consumer. It might be material trimmings, faulty items, overstock raw materials, excess inventory — basically anything that doesn’t make it to the consumer that is brought back into the manufacturing process to be given a new life.

What are post-consumer goods?

Once a material or finished product has served its intended use and has been diverted or recovered from waste destined for disposal, it is then considered “post-consumer.” Having completed its life as a consumer item, it can then be recycled as such.

What is recycled pre-consumer cotton?

Pre-consumer: includes scraps created by yarn and fabric by-products. Post-consumer: includes garments, upholstery, towels, household items to be repurposed.