What is port WWN and Node WWN?

What is port WWN and Node WWN?

For a HBA mounted in a server the node WWN is the WWN of the HBA itself, the port WWN is the WWN of a specific port on this HBA.

What is a benefit of WWN zoning over port zoning?

What is a benefit of WWN zoning over port zoning? A. A server, after being moved to another switch port in the fabric, maintains connectivity to its zone partners without the need to modify the zoning configuration.

What is port zoning?

Port zoning, also referred to as “hard zoning,” specifies the unique fabric N_port IDs of the ports to be included within the zone. The switch and switch port are used to define the zone members.

What are two major types of zoning in SAN?

There are two distinct methods of zoning that can be applied to a SAN: World Wide Name zoning and port zoning. WWN zoning groups a number of WWNs in a zone and allows them to communicate with each other.

What is zoning and types of zoning in storage?

Zoning is a fabric-based service in a storage area network (SAN) that groups together hosts and storage nodes that require communication. The essential requirement for performing zoning is that the nodes can communicate only if they are members of the same zone.

What is difference between WWN and WWPN?

WWNN vs WWPN For storage, the WWNN is common for each controller unit of midrage storage. In case of high-end enterprise storage, the WWNN is unique for the entire array. A worldwide port number (WWPN) is unique identifier for each FC port of any Fibre Channel device.

Which type of zoning provides the connection between switch ports?

WWN zoning is also sometimes called ‘soft zoning. ‘ Port zoning groups particular ports on a switch or number of switches together, allowing any device connected to those ports to communicate with each other. An advantage of port zoning is that you don’t need to reconfigure a zone when an HBA is changed.

Which type of zoning provide the solution to connect hosts in network via WWN addressing?

Using mixes zoning enables a specific port to be tied to the WWN of a node. i)Soft zoning is also WWN zoning & preferred when users need flexibility to physically more attached nodes between switch port cable the SAN , that may take place during switch maintenance and repair without reconfiguring the zone information.

What is difference between WWN and Wwpn?