What is paganism?

What is paganism?

Paganism has broadly connoted the “religion of the peasantry”. During and after the Middle Ages, the term paganism was applied to any unfamiliar religion, and the term presumed a belief in false god(s).

What are some examples of pagan beliefs?

Wikipedia.com lists the following two primary elements of pagan beliefs. Polytheism: One principle of the Pagan movement is polytheism, the belief in and veneration of multiple gods or goddesses.

What happened to the pagan religion in the Arab world?

Arabic paganism gradually disappeared during Muhammad’s era through Islamization. The sacred months of the Arab pagans were the 1st, 7th, 11th and 12th months of the Islamic calendar. After Muhammad had conquered Mecca he set out to convert the pagans.

What is contemporary Pagan ritual?

Contemporary Pagan ritual is typically geared towards “facilitating altered states of awareness or shifting mindsets.” In order to induce such altered states of consciousness, pagans utilize such elements as drumming, visualization, chanting, singing, dancing, and meditation.