What is melchiorri doing now?

What is melchiorri doing now?

For 110 episodes spanning eight seasons from 2012 to 2016, Anthony Melchiorri and his team traveled the country giving struggling non-chain hotels extensive makeovers on Travel Channel’s “Hotel Impossible.” Now, Melchiorri has partnered with developer Pacific6 to reinvigorate the historic Breakers Hotel in Downtown …

Why was Hotel Impossible canceled?

Get reality TV news and recommendations What is this? In other words, it just wasn’t being watched by enough people any more. That’s why the show has been cancelled—and why it moved its final broadcasts from prime-time to early mornings, because the network could replace Hotel Impossible with better-performing shows.

Does Anthony Melchiorri own hotels?

In that capacity, Melchiorri helped to develop a 310 all-suite hotel in Times Square. Melchiorri then founded his own hotel management and consultancy, Argeo Hospitality.

Is Hotel Impossible real?

Hotel Impossible isn’t staged, but parts are planned Anthony told me that “people ask me every day, ‘That’s not real. You’re a good actor. ‘” But he insists: “If my producers ever set something up that producer would be gone so fast.

When did Hotel Impossible end?

November 13, 2017Hotel Impossible / Final episode date

What happened to Hotel Impossible hotels?

They closed in 2015 following a wrongful death lawsuit in 2014 after a customer died from carbon monoxide poisoning. The hotel was sold to new owners and reopened as V Palm Springs after a $15million renovation.

When was Hotel Impossible filmed?

The show premiered on April 9, 2012 and ended on November 13, 2017. After airing seven seasons, the series launched a spin-off series called Hotel Impossible: Showdown in which four hoteliers of a pre-selected region that visit and judge each other’s establishments for the highest ranking and a prize of $25,000.

What nationality is Anthony Melchiorri?

AmericanAnthony Melchiorri / Nationality

What is the success rate of Hotel Impossible?

With a 40% repeat guest rate, an impressive statistic in the highly competitive hotel industry, it’s safe to say that the Sunseeker’s reality TV appearance did not go unrewarded or unnoticed. And it seems it has.