What is Hatf Pakistan?

What is Hatf Pakistan?

Launch. platform. transporter erector launcher (TEL) The Hatf I (Urdu: حتف; official codename: Hatf–I) is a tactical and subsonic unguided battlefield range ballistic missile jointly designed and developed by the Space Research Commission and the Kahuta Research Laboratories (KRL) in 1980s.

What does Hatf stand for?


Acronym Definition
HATF Healthy Ageing Task Force (Australia)
HATF Homeowners Association Task Force

What is the name of Pakistani missiles?

Land-based Missiles

Name Number of launchers Range (KM)
Abdali (Hatf-2) 10 200
Ghaznavi (Hatf-3) ~16 300
Shaheen-1 (Hatf-4) ~16 750
Shaheen-1A (Hatf-4) 900

Does Pakistan have Taimur missile?

It is speculated, albeit loosely, that the Taimur missile, with a range of 7,000 km, is an ICBM under development….Fact Sheets & Briefs.

Group Status
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Additional Protocol No, Pakistan has not negotiated such an agreement.

What is the range of Hatf 1?

60 km to 80 km
The Hatf-1 is a single-stage solid-propellant missile with a range of 60 km to 80 km carrying a 500 kg payload, or 350 km with a 100 kg payload.

What is the range of Hatf 3?

300 km
The Ghaznavi (Hatf 3) is a Pakistani short-range ballistic missile. It has a range of 300 km and is directly derived from China’s DF-11 short-range ballistic missile.

Which is the first missile of Pakistan?

Ghauri Hatf-V Missile
Ghauri (missile)

Ghauri Hatf-V Missile
Place of origin Pakistan
Service history
In service 12 January 2003 Strategic Plans Division (Army SFCOM)
Used by Pakistan

What is the range of Hatf 2?

280 km
The Hatf-2 is a two-stage solid-propellant missile with a range of 280 km carrying a 500 kg payload, or – 450 km carrying a 300 kg payload.

What is Shaheen missile?

Shaheen-III is a surface-to-surface ballistic missile with a range of 2,750 kilometres, which makes it capable of reaching the farthest point in India’s northeast and Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the Dawn newspaper reported. It is solid-fuelled and equipped with the Post-Separation Altitude Correction (PSAC) system.