What is G-4 in the Army?

What is G-4 in the Army?

G4 Logistics. G4 is responsible for logistics activities within the 7th Army Training Command. Coordinates, integrates and synchronizes all supply, maintenance, transportation and property book services for 7th ATC.

What is Army Hqda?

Headquarters, Department of the Army is the executive part of the Department of the Army at the seat of Government. It is the highest level headquarters in the Department and exercises directive and supervisory control over it.

What is the function of the Assistant Chief of Staff G-4?

Assistant Chief of Staff, G4, Logistics refers to a general staff officer who assists the Chief of Staff of an Army field command in the coordination of those logistical functions pertaining to supply, evacuation, and hospitalization, transportation, service, and miscellaneous related subjects.

Who is the DA g4?

Duane A. Gamble
Duane A. Gamble assumed duties as the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4 on 16 September 2019. He oversees policies and procedures used by all Army Logisticians throughout the world. He previously served as Commanding General of the US.

Who is the G1?

G1 is a forum for leaders of the next generation to gather, discuss, and paint a vision for the rebirth of Japan in a turbulent world.

What is G7 in army?

G7 – Assistant Chief of Staff.

Who is the current Army g1?

Gary Brito, the Army G-1.

Who is the DA G4?

What does G stand for in Army Staff?

General Staff
Group. GS. General Staff. HD SSLSA. Historical Division, Special Staff, U.S. Army.

What is G-1 in the Army?

The Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, Department of the Army, United States Army, also known as the G-1 is responsible for development, management and execution of all manpower and personnel plans, programs and policies throughout the entire U.S. Army.