What is business data mart?

What is business data mart?

A data mart is a subset of a data warehouse focused on a particular line of business, department, or subject area. Data marts make specific data available to a defined group of users, which allows those users to quickly access critical insights without wasting time searching through an entire data warehouse.

What is data mart example?

Think of a large retail organization. Data marts might exist for the major lines of business, but other marts could be designed for specific products. Examples include seasonal products, lawn and garden, or toys.

What are the three types of data mart?

Three basic types of data marts are dependent, independent, and hybrid.

Why is data mart used?

Thus, the primary purpose of a data mart is to isolate—or partition—a smaller set of data from a whole to provide easier data access for the end consumers. A data mart can be created from an existing data warehouse—the top-down approach—or from other sources, such as internal operational systems or external data.

How do I create a data mart?

To set up the data mart, you use OWB components to:

  1. Create the logical design for the data mart star schema.
  2. Map the logical design to a physical design.
  3. Generate code to create the objects for the data mart.
  4. Create a process flow for populating the data mart.
  5. Execute the process flow to populate the data mart.

Where is data mart used?

Data marts are primarily used in business divisions at the department level. Data warehouses provide an integrated environment and cohesive picture of the business. This makes the designing process fairly difficult. Because data marts are less complicated, their design process is more straightforward.

Is data mart short life?

Data Ware house has long life. While data-mart has short life than warehouse.