Advice What is aquagro 2000 m?

What is aquagro 2000 m?

What is aquagro 2000 m?

AquaGro 2000 M sets the industry standard as the most widely recognized media surfactant on the market. It has been extensively tested and proven effective on a wide range of growing media. AquaGro 2000 M is used in soilless growing media to aid in the wetting of the substrate. It will save your customers time, money, and labor by providing:

Is aquasurge 2000 safe for ponds?

The AquaSurgeĀ® 2000 Pond Pump will not corrode or rust and its rubber feet will prevent noise and vibration while in use, making this the pump of choice for discriminating homeowners and pond professionals alike. This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Does aquagro 2000G work on bark and peat mix?

To realize the full benefit that peat and bark based mixes offer, these water repellency issues must be addressed. An easy application of AquaGro 2000G to your mix can overcome its water repellent properties, saving money on water, fertilizers, other soil amendments, and labor.