Advice What is an MBO education level?

What is an MBO education level?

What is an MBO education level?

MBO courses are given at four different levels of training, each leading to a specific job qualification: level 4: middle-management training; level 3: professional training; level 2: basic vocational training; level 1: assistant training.

What is HAVO diploma comparable to?

Studying in the Netherlands

Diploma Comparable to EQF level
DiplomaHigh School Diploma Comparable tousually a HAVO diploma, but at least a VMBO-T diploma and at most a VWO diploma EQF level2-4
Diploma Associate’s degree (‘terminal/vocational program’) Comparable tousually an MBO diploma, level 4 EQF level4

What is HBO level of education?

All HBO and university courses fall under the bachelor-master system. Bachelor’s degree programmes are broader, while master’s degree programmes lead to specialisation in a chosen field. HBO bachelor’s degree programmes take four years, university bachelor’s programmes three.

What age do you finish high school in Netherlands?

Secondary school in the Netherlands (voortgezet onderwijs) It has two qualification levels and students complete the track at the age of 16.

Can you go to university with a HAVO diploma?

After passing your HAVO examination, you could study for a year at a HBO institution to obtain the HBO propaedeutic certificate. In principle, any HBO propaedeutic certificate gives access to university. Some Bachelor’s degree programmes have additional entry requirements.

What is a level equivalent to in Netherlands?

These subjects may be either academic or vocational in nature. It is, however, important that the subjects be relevant to the desired field of study in Dutch higher professional education. A GCE with A levels is comparable to a HAVO diploma if the pupil has obtained 2 relevant subjects with an assessment of D or E.

What is 8th grade in the Netherlands?

In Holland a ten point system is used in both secondary and higher education. A grade of 10 is the highest and 6 is the minimum pass grade….Ten point grading system.

Grade Meaning
Grade10 MeaningOutstanding *
Grade9 MeaningVery good *
Grade8 MeaningGood
Grade7 MeaningMore than satisfactory