What is an artist piano bench?

What is an artist piano bench?

The artist piano bench is made of solid hard wood with heavy duty mechanism (silent micro adjustment). The seat is covered with well-padded leatherette. It has a deep diamond tufted seat with 10 buttons for extra comfort. There is a storage compartment under the seat.

Where are Jansen piano benches made?

Wisconsin factory
Our piano benches, stools, and chairs are hand-crafted in our long-time Wisconsin factory, using top-quality materials including all American hardwood.

What can I do with old piano benches?

Ideas for using your new repurposed piano bench

  1. Use as a coffee table with two chairs on either side.
  2. Put in your living room to serve as an end table or shelf that can also hold books, etcetera.
  3. Convert into a nightstand for the bed.

What is the bench for a piano called?

A stationery Grand Piano Bench, sometimes called a ‘Duet’ Bench, is generally between 33″ & 35″ wide. The width is proportionate to the size of the instrument and certainly adds elegance to any Grand Piano.

How tall is a standard piano bench?

The piano bench height standard is 19.5 inches or 50 centimeters. Perfect piano bench dimensions are important because it allows musicians to sit with the elbow at the height of the keyboard.

Why don t piano benches have backs?

There is a reason why piano benches do not have backs. Sliding forward, so that the legs are completely free and not necessary to stabilize the torso is very important for piano playing. Office chairs are not good for this, because they are not level.

Are Janssen pianos good quality?

Janssen pianos have a reputation for affordability and quality. To know what year, make and model your Janssen piano is, it is important to locate the serial number. The serial number is the piano’s birth certificate, and it is a key piece of information in determining the value of the piano.