What is a Vidushaka?

What is a Vidushaka?

The vidushaka (clown) is a noble, good-hearted, blundering fool, the trusted friend of the hero. A bald-headed glutton, comic in speech and manners, he is the darling of the spectators. With the decline of Sanskrit drama the folk theatre in various regional languages inherited the conventions…

Who is known as Vidusak in drama?

Notes: In classical Sanskrit drama, Vidushaka (Bufoon) is essentially a Brahmin and is a confident / attendent of the Hero. Despite being educated in Sanskrit, he speaks in Prakrit, the vernacular language of the time.

Who are the real parents of Shakuntala?

Family Vishwamitra (father) Menaka (mother) Kanva (adoptive father) Pramati (twin brother)
Spouse Dushyanta
Children Bharata

Who is Madhavya?

Madhavya is the court jester of King Dushyanta. He is a comical character who uses his sharp wit to provide lighthearted comic relief from an otherwise serious plot.

Who is known as father of Indian Theatre?

Ebrahim Alkazi
Ebrahim Alkazi, doyen of Indian theatre, mentored and inspired generations of artists. His death leaves a void in the world of performing arts.

Who wrote the Natyashastra?

priest Bharata
Natyashastra, in full Bharata Natyashastra, also called Natyasastra, detailed treatise and handbook on dramatic art that deals with all aspects of classical Sanskrit theatre. It is believed to have been written by the mythic Brahman sage and priest Bharata (1st century bce–3rd century ce).

How did King Dushyanta remember Shakuntala?

Years went by and Dushyanta never remembered Shakuntala, until one day when a fisherman brought him a gold ring. He told the king that he had found the ring in the stomach of a fish and brought it straight to him.

Who brought up Shakuntala?

Rishi Kanva
Rishi Kanva had brought up Shakuntala as his own daughter, and hence, he decides to send her to her husband, King Dushyanta, where she should be accepted as Dushyanta’s queen. On the way, they cross a river by a canoe ferry.

Who were the parents of Shakuntala?

Which is the oldest Theatre in India?

The first cinemas. India’s first purpose-built cinema hall, Elphinstone Picture Palace in Kolkata, was established in 1907 by Jamshedji Framji Madan, a pioneer of Indian film production.