What is a simple definition for naive?

What is a simple definition for naive?

: having or showing a lack of experience or knowledge : innocent or simple. a naive belief that all people are good. a naive view of the world. She asked a lot of naive questions.

What does Naiveness mean?

1 : showing lack of experience or knowledge He asked a lot of naive questions. 2 : being simple and sincere. Other Words from naive. naively adverb. naive.

What is the feminine form of Naif in French?

Meanings of “feminine form of naïf” in French English Dictionary : 1 result(s)

Category French
1 Common naïve [adj]

What language is the word naive?

Borrowed from French naïve, from Latin nativus (“native, natural”).

Is it naive or naif?

As a French adjective, it is spelled naïve, for feminine nouns, and naïf, for masculine nouns. As a French noun, it is spelled naïveté. It is sometimes spelled “naïve” with a diaeresis, but as an unitalicized English word, “naive” is now the more usual spelling.

Who is naive person?

If you describe someone as naive, you think they lack experience and so expect things to be easy or people to be honest or kind. It’s naive to think that teachers are always tolerant. Their view was that he had been politically naive. naively adverb.

Is it Nieve or naive?

nieve or naive “Nieve” is actually the Spanish word for “snow.” “Naiveté” is the French spelling of the related noun in English. If you prefer more nativized spelling, “naivety” is also acceptable.

How do you use naif in a sentence?

How to use naïf in a sentence

  1. In her telling, she was, until just five years ago, a complete naif about climate change.
  2. Cole, who once served as a special counsel investigating the House Bank scandal, is no political naif.

What is a naif synonym?

ingenue. (or ingénue), newbie, tenderfoot, virgin.

Whats the opposite of naive?

Opposite of having a naive or unsuspecting nature. worldly. experienced. sophisticated. artful.