What is a Interchange jacket?

What is a Interchange jacket?

ALL-WEATHER TECHNOLOGY: Columbia Men’s Eager Air Interchange Jacket is crafted from a waterproof shell, designed to integrate with a fleece liner, built to withstand anything from wind, rain, or snow.

What is a three in one jacket?

A 3 in 1 jacket typically consists of a waterproof and breathable outer jacket, also known as a shell, plus a warm, fleece-style jacket on the inside. They can be worn separately or zipped together, giving three possible configurations – perfect for changeable weather.

How do you tighten the hood on a Columbia jacket?

To tighten the hood, pull the loops. Then, to ‘lock’ it in place, push forward on each loop to wedge it into the clevis. Let go and it should stay put. To loosen the hood, just pull down on the loops, which should release them from the clevises.

How do I know what Columbia jacket I have?

Looks like you are searching for the style ID of your garment. That can be found on the small tag behind the washing instructions. It is a 7-digit number like 1618371. See attached image below.

Is Patagonia and Columbia the same company?

Amici curiae Patagonia Works (Patagonia) and Columbia Sportswear Company (Columbia) produce outdoor apparel, footwear, and equipment to help people access and enjoy the world’s wild places.

What is a 2 in 1 jacket?

3 in 1: (sometimes also called 2 in 1) 1 – Windproof and waterproof outer shell. 2 – Insulated soft lightweight inner jacket. 3 – 1 and 2 worn together.

Can I use a ski jacket for hiking?

It may be tempting to wear a ski jacket with its own padding, but bear in mind you can’t remove the padding if you get too hot and it’s often better to bring an extra fleece instead as you can control the warmth levels more effectively.

What is an adjustable hood?

Adjustable at three points: A Velcro® tab adjusts brim height, draw cord at back of hood adjusts peripheral vision and two draw cords adjust fit around your face. This configuration allows the hood to follow the movements of your head.

What is the strap on the back of a hood for?

The velcro strap is used to adjust the hood.