What happened to HHGregg?

What happened to HHGregg?

H.H. Gregg closed all stores in liquidation and had been operating as an online-only retailer since August that year, but it has since opened a new store in Somerset, New Jersey in 2019. Founded in Princeton, Indiana in 1955, H. H. Gregg was headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana when it ceased operating.

Is HHGregg coming back?

The HHGregg brand has been resurrected — with all-caps promises that the best is yet to come for the defunct electronics retailer. The website, HHGregg.com, is back online and selling Apple watches on a hastily designed splash page.

Why did HHGregg go out of business?

HHGregg Is Going Out of Business After Failing to Find A Buyer | Fortune.

When did HHGregg go out of business?

H.H. Gregg has made its return to physical retail. After 64 years in business, the electronics retailer filed for bankruptcy in 2017.

Who took over HHGregg?

Valor LLC
The regional consumer electronics chain is now owned by holding company Valor LLC, which outbid Sears for hhgregg’s intellectual property rights at a bankruptcy auction. Hhgregg Appliances Inc. will live on as an online-only brand starting next week.

Who bought HHGregg?

INDIANAPOLIS — Citimark has acquired the former headquarters of hhgregg Inc. and announced plans to redevelop the 27-acre property on the far north side of Indianapolis.

Who took over hhgregg?

Who bought hhgregg?

What does HHGregg stand for?

Henry Harold Gregg
HHGregg was founded in 1955 by Henry Harold Gregg and his wife, Fansy, with the first store finding its home near 46th Street and Keystone Avenue.

Is hhgregg still honoring warranty?

We plan to honor delivery of our customer orders. Our manufacturers will continue honoring the warranty on customer purchases. The extended warranties purchased are administered through a third-party company, Warrantech. These extended warranties will also be honored for the life of the contract.