What happened rate my teacher?

What happened rate my teacher?

According to the websites PR Team, Rate My Teacher was purchased from its original owner in late 2018, and was relaunched last march with a “entirely new look and more pragmatically-focused approach,” meaning the new owners wiped all the existing comments.

How do I find teacher reviews?

The 6 Best Sites to Rate and Review Teachers and Professors

  1. Rate My Professors. Rate My Professors boasts more than 19 million ratings of over 1.7 million professors from college students like you.
  2. Rate My Teachers. RateMyTeachers is another popular review site.
  3. Uloop.
  4. Schools View.
  5. Student Reviews.
  6. Rate Your Lecturer.

Why is my teacher so mean?

One of the reasons teachers may seem mean is because they feel like their students aren’t listening to them and like they’re not getting any respect. When your teacher is talking, listen carefully and avoid getting distracted by your phone, the people in the halls, or your classmates.

Is Rate My Teacher anonymous?

We don’t display any of your personal information anywhere on the site. Though you have the option of creating an account, an account is not required to post a rating and comment. Whether you choose to create a registered account or not, all ratings submitted will remain anonymous.

Does anyone use rate my professor?

Rate My Professors, an open anonymous platform for students to rate their school and teachers by quality points, has remained the norm for universities. Despite its ongoing popularity, the website’s anonymous users and obscure quality scoring system makes students question its reliability.

What is the highest rating on RateMyProfessor?

Joseph Turnbull, a math professor, is Western’s highest rated prof on Rate My Professors. Over 120 ratings on the site have given Turnbull an overall perfect score of 5/5 and 100 per cent of ratings say that they would take his class again.

How do I RateMyProfessor?

Before you can post professor feedback and get updates on new ratings, you will need to register for a professor account here. Just start typing your name in the “Name” field, and select it from the dropdown menu. Then, fill out the remaining required fields and be sure to use your school issued .

How do you outsmart a teacher?

Don’t participate in the lesson.

  1. Doodle in a notebook instead of taking notes.
  2. Surf the internet on your tablet or laptop.
  3. Put your head down on your desk and pretend to sleep.
  4. Talk to your classmates while your teacher is talking.
  5. Look at the clock constantly.
  6. Cover a smaller book with your textbook and read it.

What is considered unprofessional conduct for a teacher?

Unprofessional behavior by K12 teachers includes teachers who are uninterested in the success and wellbeing of their students, teachers who are unwilling to teach, and even those teachers who seem too busy with other things to teach.

Can professors comment on rate my professor?

For each course a professor teaches, users are limited to posting one (1) comment. Campus ratings should only be posted by students who have attended or are currently attending the specific course, college or university being rated. Rate My Professors is NOT the place to report dangerous, illegal or illicit behaviors.

Can I be removed from RateMyProfessor?

Unfortunately we do not remove ratings just because someone may disagree with it. As the professor, you also have the ability to reply to your reviews and add any clarifications you see fit. To post these notes you will need to register for a Professor account.