What happened NCIS season 9 episode 1?

What happened NCIS season 9 episode 1?

Gibbs and a shrink help Tony to begin to regain his memory. Tony, during his task for the SecNav, took fire and sustained a concussion, and he acquired the bloody badge of some other NCIS agent; however, he has no memory of his activities. Gibbs and a shrink help Tony to begin to regain his memory.

Who dies NCIS season 9 finale?

The Season 9 finale ends with a shocking Ducky scene In Season 9, Episode 24, “Till Death Do Us Part” (via IMDb), “NCIS” viewers get a taste of inevitable heartbreak when, at the end of this action-packed season finale, medical examiner Donald “Ducky” Mallard (David McCallum) has a heart attack.

What happened NCIS season 9?

The NCIS team investigate the death of a Navy officer and soon uncover a society of real-life superheroes while DiNozzo gets a shock when his ex-fiancee returns. February 21, 2012. A Naval reservist is found dead and the NCIS team have to investigate to determine if it was a suicide or a murder.

Who is the mole in season 9 NCIS?

Carl was exposed. In the same episode, Carl revealed himself to be the mole and took Eric hostage before he was apprehended by the team.

How many episodes are there in NCIS Season 9?

24NCIS – Season 9 / Number of episodes

Who did Tony shoot Season 9?

Agent Simon Cade
Tony is lured to a meeting with EJ and her buyer, revealed to be Barrett’s other team member and the target of Tony’s investigation: Special Agent Simon Cade. Although Cade claims that he was framed, all three are shot during the meeting. Cade is killed, Tony is knocked unconscious, and Barrett is missing.

Who is selling secrets in NCIS Season 9?

As season nine opens with the episode “Nature of the Beast”, it is revealed that NCIS Special Agent Simon Cade is the apparent mole. At the end of the episode, DiNozzo is shot by an impostor FBI agent who had killed Cade and attempted to frame DiNozzo for the murder.

Is Ziva in Season 11 of NCIS?

It was announced on July 10, 2013 that Cote de Pablo, who plays Ziva David, had chosen not to return for the eleventh season as a regular. She will appear in enough episodes to close out her character’s storylines. Because of de Pablo’s exit, showrunner Gary Glasberg had to change his planned storyline for season 11.

What did EJ Barrett take out of Levin’s arm?

Duckie found the post-mortem incision in Levin’s arm and through morgue surveillance footage, figured out that E.J. had removed a microchip from him.