What episode of The Twilight Zone was Julie Newmar in?

What episode of The Twilight Zone was Julie Newmar in?

Of Late I Think of Cliffordville
It originally aired on April 11, 1963, on CBS….Of Late I Think of Cliffordville.

“Of Late I Think of Cliffordville”
The Twilight Zone episode
Julie Newmar as Miss Devlin and Albert Salmi as William Feathersmith
Episode no. Season 4 Episode 14

Is there a Cliffordville Indiana?

The fictional Cliffordville, Indiana is the setting for this tale about a self-made man and the mythical American small town at the turn of the century.

Why is Season 4 of The Twilight Zone different?

It’s simply that they don’t want to pay for what is arguably TZ’s least-popular season. Season 4, for those who aren’t already aware, is when The Twilight Zone began producing hour-long episodes. Eighteen of them (about half the length of a typical season back then) aired between January 3, 1963 and May 23, 1963.

What is the best Twilight Zone episode?

The Best Twilight Zone Episodes, Ranked

  1. It’s a Good Life, Season 3, Episode 8.
  2. Shadow Play, Season 2, Episode 26.
  3. He’s Alive, Season 4, Episode 4.
  4. Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, Season 5, Episode 3.
  5. Time Enough at Last, Season 1, Episode 8.
  6. Nick of Time, Season 2, Episode 7.

Why is season 4 of The Twilight Zone hour-long episodes?

That was Rod Serling speaking, a couple years before The Twilight Zone spent one season as, yes, an hour-long show. Why? Primarily because Twilight Zone was briefly off the air following Season 3, then brought back as a mid-season replacement — and the show it was replacing was 60 minutes.

Did Netflix Cancel The Twilight Zone?

As we previously reported, two of the best TV shows of all-time are leaving Netflix as of midnight tonight. At that point the original run of The Twilight Zone and the first two seasons of Twin Peaks will no longer be streaming on the platform and anyone eager to watch them online will have to look elsewhere.