What does level set expectations mean?

What does level set expectations mean?

to agree on expectations

What are some of the expectations you have for how children will interact and behave in the classroom?

The expectations might include: Respect others. Respect personal property of others and of the school. Do your best every day in everything….Students suggestions are recorded in their own words:

  • Don’t hit people.
  • Don’t bother people.
  • Don’t tease people.
  • Be nice.
  • No stealing.
  • Don’t kick.
  • No karate.
  • No kicking.

How do you define appropriate behavior in the classroom?

Classroom Etiquette and Student Behavior Guidelines

  1. Take responsibility for your education.
  2. Attend every class.
  3. Get to class on time.
  4. Do not have private conversations.
  5. Turn mobile phones off.
  6. Do not dominate other students’ opportunity to learn by asking too many questions.
  7. Respect your instructor.
  8. Your classmates deserve your respect and support.

What are mores?

Mores (/ˈmɔːreɪz/ sometimes /ˈmɔːriːz/; from Latin mōrēs, [ˈmoːreːs], plural form of singular mōs, meaning ‘manner, custom, usage, or habit’) are social norms that are widely observed within a particular society or culture. Mores determine what is considered morally acceptable or unacceptable within any given culture.

What are expectations for learning?

Students will analyze, interpret, evaluate and think logically to solve problems using a variety of resources and strategies. Students will communicate effectively to a variety of audiences. Students will create works using a variety of communication forms.

What is the difference between behavioral expectations and rules?

Rules are simply a list of the things we should not do. Expectations communicate the desired behavior using a positive framework and encouraging responsibility. Simply put, it is a positive reframe that sets the tone for your room.