What does Ferroviario mean?

What does Ferroviário mean?

Ferroviário Atlético Clube, or Ferroviário as they are usually called, is a Brazilian football team from Fortaleza in Ceará, founded on May 9, 1933. The team name means “railroad worker” in Portuguese.

When did Ferroviário become a football club?

On May 9, 1933 the team was founded as Ferroviário Foot-Ball Club. The club changed its name to Ferroviário Atlético Clube after some time. In 1937, Ferroviário won its first title, the Campeonato Cearense Second Division, being promoted to the following year’s first division.

What does the name of the FC Cearense mean?

The team name means “railroad worker” in Portuguese. Home stadium is the Elzir Cabral stadium, capacity 8,000. The club was founded after two amateur soccer teams, named Matapasto and Jurubeba fused, and after RVC ( Rede de Viação Cearense, “Cearense Transit Net”), a railroad company, wanted to have a team playing in Campeonato Cearense.