What does crap mean in texting?

What does crap mean in texting?

feces, nonsense
The definition of crap is a slang and vulgar term for feces, nonsense or filth.

Why do you say crap?

It is another word for “shit”. So when something goes wrong and you want to say something offensive your first option might be to say ” SHIT!” but if you want to be a little bit less offensive you could say “Crap!”.

Does crap mean the S word?

The verdict on the word “crap” is that, while it may be selectively acceptable at home, it is considered mild profanity in public. As for the euphemistic curses, the consensus is that the Fs (frigging, freaking, etc.) are too close for comfort, whereas the Ss (shoot, snap, scat) are fine in any situation.

What is meant by crap man?

crap, man definition, crap, man meaning | English dictionary exp. 1.act silly; 2. avoid work. [Slang]

How do you use crap in a sentence?

Crap sentence example

  1. Now, I am treated like crap and practically ignored.
  2. This band is a total failure, pure crap .
  3. This allows you to chase them down and just beat the crap out of them for no apparent reason.

What is another word for crap?

In this page you can discover 50 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for crap, like: trash, poppycock, idiocy, nonsense, blather, drivel, turd, crappy, sh-t, poop and rubbish.

What does full crap mean?

Definition of full of crap informal + offensive. : not to be believed : saying things that are not true That guy is full of crap.

How do you use cautious in a sentence?

Cautious sentence example

  1. Her tone was cautious but respectful.
  2. He watched closely, appearing amused and cautious , like a husband watching his wife learn to box.
  3. This invader was very cautious and avoided much of our security.

How do you use couch potato in a sentence?

an idler who spends much time on a couch (usually watching television).

  1. You are such a couch potato on weekends.
  2. He’s turned into a real couch potato since he subscribed to the sports channel.
  3. No more nonstop basketball for couch potato Congressional staff members.

What is opposite crap?

Opposite of rubbish, or anything that is generally worthless. assets. possessions. cleanliness. neatness.

What is a synonym for crap?

Is full of crap an idiom?

Full-of-crap definition (idiomatic, vulgar, pejorative) In reference to someone who speaks or writes nonsense or untruths. Don’t listen to him – I think he’s full of crap!