What does CDX plywood stand for?

What does CDX plywood stand for?

CDX signifies class C to D exposed plywood. Manufactures make any type of plywood from several plies pressed firmly together to create a larger and stronger piece of plywood.

Is CDX stronger than OSB?

It can withstand moisture for a short time. Therefore it is suitable for floor, wall, roof sheathing, and for other moist places. CDX plywood is not good moisture resistant. But it is stronger and more durable than OSB.

What is the difference between CDX and plywood?

CDX is a type of plywood. Basically, plywoods are thin veneer sheets that are glued and held together with linking plies. Plywoods are known for their strong resistance to cracking, breaking, or twisting.

Can CDX get wet?

As mentioned above, the X in CDX stands for exposure. This means that the plywood allows being exposed to moisture, but just for a limited period of time A prolonged exposure will lead to water damage. But, there is an exception to pressure-treated CDX; they can withstand extreme moisture without getting water damaged.

Is CDX plywood good for roofing?

Only use CDX plywood for the interior of a house, where water damage is far less likely. Do not use CDX for roofing, sheds, or other places that are exposed to moisture consistently. The sole exception to this is pressure treated CDX, which can survive for decades without even a protective coating.

Which side of CDX plywood faces out?

The “C” graded side is the face side, used where it is more visible, and the “D” graded side is the reverse side, usually mounted in a way that hides it….Softwood Plywood Grading System.

Grade Description
C plugged As its name implies, the splits and defects have been plugged.

Is CDX pressure treated?

CDX plywood is an exterior grade plywood only in the sense of considering the adhesive used for connecting the veneer plys. The wood isn’t pressure treated or treated in any other way to make it waterproof, unless it is marked as being “pressure treated” plywood.

Does CDX plywood have one good side?

Most plywood, other than hardwood cabinet grade plywood, is graded with two letters, showing the face and reverse side grading of the plywood. Based upon this grading system, we can see that CDX plywood has one side that is “C” grade and one that is “D” grade.