What did TS Eliot suffer from in 1921?

What did TS Eliot suffer from in 1921?

Reading the letters, we would conclude that Eliot was suffering from major depression, but you don’t write “The Waste Land” while you’re suffering from major depression.

What influence did eliots first wife have on his writing?

More concretely, Vivien’s role in encouraging Eliot as a poet and her passion not to lose him back to the US (she was also clearly petrified, personally, by the idea of having to settle there) were decisive in pushing him to work on and complete The Waste Land; she and Ezra Pound in effect acted as joint midwives.

How many languages did TS Eliot speak?

He devoted a further year (1915-1916) to a doctoral dissertation on the philosophy of F.H. Bradley, eventually published in 1964. As an undergraduate at Harvard, Eliot emphasized language and literature—Latin, Greek, German, and French.

Did T.S. Eliot suffer from mental illness?

The poem was written by Eliot after a series of personal crises that eventuated in exhaustion and depression and a brief period of psychotherapy. His illness can be characterized as a tranistory narcissistic regression with partial fragmentation and loss of ego dominance.

Who was TS Eliot’s second wife?

Valerie Eliotm. 1957–1965
Vivienne Haigh-Wood Eliotm. 1915–1947
T. S. Eliot/Wife

Was TS Eliot married?

T. S. Eliot/Spouse

Did TS Eliot have mental issues?

In 1921 T. S. Eliot teetered on the brink of a mental collapse. For two years he had been struggling at night to finish a long poem, while working by day in the foreign transactions department of Lloyds Bank.

What religion was T.S. Eliot before he converted?

Eliot converted to Anglicanism. He said in a preface to his collection of essays For Lancelot Andrewes (1928) that he was “classicist in literature, royalist in politics, and anglo-catholic in religion.” Eliot held fast to this faith for the remainder of his life.

How old was TS Eliot when he married Valerie?

Valerie was 30; Thomas was 68. They settled into a quiet union, both content to spend most of their days as homebodies. “We used to stay at home and drink Drambuie and eat cheese and play Scrabble,” Valerie would later say in an interview.