What did Alan Hale Jr died from?

What did Alan Hale Jr died from?

ThymomaAlan Hale Jr. / Cause of death

Alan Hale Jr., an actor who gained fame as the jolly Skipper in the television series ”Gilligan’s Island,” died of cancer of the thymus on Tuesday at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Los Angeles. He was 71 years old and lived in Hollywood.

Was Alan Hale Jr married?

Naomi Halem. 1964–1990
Bettina Halem. 1943–1963
Alan Hale Jr./Spouse

Who was Alan Hale Jr’s father?

Alan Hale Sr.Alan Hale Jr. / FatherAlan Hale Sr. was an American film actor and director, best remembered for his many character roles, in particular as a frequent sidekick of Errol Flynn, as well as films supporting Lon Chaney, Wallace Beery, Douglas Fairbanks, James Cagney, Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart, and Ronald Reagan. Wikipedia

How old was Natalie Schafer when she died?

90 years (1900–1991)Natalie Schafer / Age at death
Natalie Schafer, an actress best known as the stranded millionaire’s wife, Lovey, on the long-running television series “Gilligan’s Island,” died on Wednesday at her home. She was 90 years old. She died of cancer, a family spokesman, Frank Lieberman, said.

How old is Alan Hale Sr?

57 years (1892–1950)Alan Hale Sr. / Age at death

Are Selena Gomez and Lucy Hale friends?

So while Gomez and Hale may have spent some time together, there’s no reason to think they’re friends. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to find any photos of them rubbing elbows at industry events. However, they do have one connection. Hale starred in Pretty Little Liars for seven seasons with actor Ashley Benson.

Is Natalie Schafer still living?

April 10, 1991Natalie Schafer / Date of death

How old was Mrs Howell when she died?

″She was always coy about her age, but she was really 90,″ Liberman said. Miss Schafer also starred in the short-lived drama 1969-1970 series ″The Survivors″ with Lana Turner and Kevin McCarthy. Survivors include longtime companion Maurice Hill, said Lieberman. No funeral is planned.

When was Alan Hale Jr born?

March 8, 1921Alan Hale Jr. / Date of birth