What decade are white gogo boots?

What decade are white gogo boots?

Go-go boots are a low-heeled style of women’s fashion boot first introduced in the mid-1960s. The original go-go boots, as defined by André Courrèges in 1964, were white, low-heeled, and mid-calf in height, a specific style which is sometimes called the Courrèges boot.

Are gogo boots making a comeback?

Fashion trends from various eras are making a comeback and the go-go boots is one of the fashion pieces from the 60s making waves in 2021. As defined by André Courrèges in 1964, the original go-go boots were low-heeled, white, and mid-calf in height. This specific style has been referred to as the Courrèges boot.

What year were gogo boots popular?

The white patent leather go-go boot has become a fashion symbol of the swinging sixties. But all manner of boots, from calf-length stiletto to knee-length lace-ups, were the rage in the late 60s through most of the 70s.

Where are gogo boots from?

Go-Go Boots Are Credited To A French Designer And His ‘Moon Girl’ Look. In 1964, French fashion designer Andre Courreges introduced a thoroughly modern and futuristic collection he called his “Moon Girl” look.

Who wore white gogo boots?

Many credit the designer André Courrèges for designing the white go-go boot, but it was probably women like Nancy Sinatra and Jane Fonda, as ’60s glamazon Barbarella, who made these shoes a true symbol of female defiance: of power and independence — life on her terms.

Who made go-go boots popular?

French designer André Courreges (1923–) introduced what would become go-go boots in 1964. His white ankle-high boot featured a square toe and low, square heel and was worn with dresses hemmed three inches above the knee.

Why are they called gogo boots?

Some fashion historians state that the go-go boot took its name from the go-go dancers on the Hollywood A Go-Go show, which itself borrows the French phrase a go-go, meaning “abundant.” But others assert that the term go-go came from the French word, la gogue, which means “joy and happiness.”

When did gogo boots go out of style?

Go-go boots, like go-go dancers, were just a fad. Despite the success of Sinatra’s song in 1965, that same year the go-go boot lost its fashion appeal. However, variations of go-go boots remained a part of young women’s wardrobes into the 1970s.

How high are gogo boots?

These boots are 18 Inches Tall with 3 inch Heel. Available in sizes: 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14.

Who wore white go-go boots?