What brand is VSX?

What brand is VSX?

Victoria’s Secret
Victoria’s Secret VSX The Incredible Sports Bra.

What happened to moving comfort?

Insights from Moving Comfort allowed us to engineer fan-favorite styles — when we became one company several years later, these products moved under the Brooks brand. So while the logo may have changed, our goal is still to deliver bras that enable all women to be active.

What is VSX Victoria Secret?

NEW YORK, Aug. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Victoria’s Secret unveils VSX Sexy Sport, a collection of workout gear that will inspire women to feel like they can get a Runway Body that is confident, sexy and strong.

Is Victoria Sport Victoria’s Secret?

Victoria’s Secret has announced the arrival of its new athleisure division, Victoria Sport. On the landing page for the company’s website, it divides the company into three categories: Victoria’s Secret, Pink, and Victoria Sport.

Did Brooks discontinue Juno?

While the Juno, Fiona, and Moving Comfort run bra collections were all well-loved items, they have been discontinued. You may be able to still find these styles available at some other retailers but we have sold out on our site.

What size is a large in sports bra?

Don’t know your bra size? Use your measurements instead.

Underbust Measurement 25″-26″ 33″-34″
Band Size 30 38
C 31.9″ – 32.7″ 30C XS XS (A-C) 39.8″ – 40.6″ 38C L L (A-C)
D 32.7″ – 33.5″ 30D S S (D-DD) 40.6″ – 41.3″ 38D XL XL (D-DD)
DD 33.5″ – 34.3″ 30DD S S (D-DD) 41.3″ – 42.1″ 38DD XL XL (D-DD)