What are temporal correlations?

What are temporal correlations?

We investigate temporal correlations in the simplest measurement scenario, i.e., that of a physical system on which the same measurement is performed at different times, producing a sequence of dichotomic outcomes. The resource for generating such sequences is the internal dimension, or memory, of the system.

What is meant by spatial correlation?

Spatial correlation means that there is a correlation between the received average signal gain and the angle of arrival of a signal. Rich multipath propagation decreases the spatial correlation by spreading the signal such that multipath components are received from many different spatial directions.

What do spatial and temporal mean?

Spatial refers to space. Temporal refers to time. Spatiotemporal, or spatial temporal, is used in data analysis when data is collected across both space and time. It describes a phenomenon in a certain location and time — for example, shipping movements across a geographic area over time (see above example image).

What is spatial temporal model?

Spatiotemporal models arise when data are collected across time as well as space and has at least one spatial and one temporal property. An event in a spatiotemporal dataset describes a spatial and temporal phenomenon that exists at a certain time t and location x.

What is temporal analysis?

1. Application of mining techniques on objects or events chronologically ordered, following a time sequence. Learn more in: Concept-Based Text Mining. Find more terms and definitions using our Dictionary Search.

What causes spatial correlation?

Spatial autocorrelation may arise from any one of the following situations: (a) the difference between the (large) scale of variation of a phenomenon and the (small) scale of the spatial framework used to capture or represent that variation; (b) measurement error; (c) spatial diffusion, spillover, interaction, and …

What is channel correlation?

One of the basic properties of spatial channel correlation is that the base station array receives different average signal power from different spatial directions. This is illustrated in Figure 1 below for a uniform linear array with 100 antennas, where the angle of arrival is measured from the boresight of the array.

What is spatial temporal reasoning in psychology?

the ability to conceptualize the three-dimensional relationships of objects in space and to mentally manipulate them as a succession of transformations over a period of time.

What is temporal and spatial locality?

Temporal locality refers to the reuse of specific data and/or resources within a relatively small time duration. Spatial locality (also termed data locality) refers to the use of data elements within relatively close storage locations.

What is spatial and temporal in image processing?

Spatial = Space Example, Image consist of pixel values which needs memory space to store. Spatial information = Pixel values stored into Memory. Temporal = Time Example, Video consists of image frame sequence. With respect to time the frames are changed in video. This is called Temporal Information.