What are 10 sentences about your school?

What are 10 sentences about your school?

My school has a huge playground where I can play various outdoor games. I have many friends at my school where we study and play together. My school teachers are very kind and caring towards everyone. We celebrate all national functions at my school with great pomp and show.

How do you write a school paragraph?

My School Paragraph for Class 3

  1. My school is one of the best schools in the country. It has a huge campus with 2 big playgrounds- one at the front and the other behind the school building.
  2. The classrooms in my school are big and tidy.
  3. The best thing about my school is that it has lots of creative and dedicated teachers.

What is the sentence of school?

[M] [T] Our school is fifty years old. [M] [T] This school has many students. [M] [T] Brian went to school with Kate. [M] [T] He is absent from school today.

What I like about my school?

Answer: “I like my school because it has some really cool teachers who make the lessons interesting and really make you want to work hard. Although I was bullied last year the school did things about it and gave me support.” “I like school because I get to do things that can’t do at home and I love seeing my friends.”

What should I write about my school?

2. More Sentences on My School For Children

  • My school has a very beautiful building.
  • I study in KG class in my school.
  • My school classrooms are very beautiful and airy.
  • Our school has a big playground for students.
  • There is a computer lab where we use computer.
  • There is a big library for students in our school.

Why do you like to school?

I like the way our teachers teach us every subject with care. The discipline of school also helps us to lead a disciplined life. I like the tiffin break I spend with my friends. We share our tiffins and have lots of fun together.