Should I puncture an aerosol can?

Should I puncture an aerosol can?

The aerosols universal waste rule allows handlers to “treat” aerosol cans by puncturing them and draining them of their contents. Properly punctured and drained aerosol cans may be recycled as scrap metal.

What happens if I pierce an aerosol can?

It may be flammable or cause injury if you pierce the can. Keep aerosols out of the sun and in a cold dry place away from heat. The pressure inside the can increases greatly in the heat and may cause it to burst.

Do not keep punctured aerosol cans?

Do not puncture cans, drain, rinse and then recycle. This is dangerous since the contents in the can are under pressure. Once the container is punctured, you could be injured. Another option would be to contact your local recycling facility to see if they will accept partially filled cans.

What happens if you puncture a pressurized can?

The major propellants of aerosol cans (propane and butane) are extremely flammable. The aerosol-puncturing device filter DOES NOT capture propane and butane vapors. These gases are heavier than air and will vaporize into the surrounding air very quickly during the puncturing process, producing a flammable hazard.

Can you open an empty aerosol can?

Can You Cut Open An Empty Spray Paint Can? Definitely cut if you’re not careful: the sharp edge will pierce your skin in the near future. It required a long pair of pliers to get at the can with a bit of paper towels so it could be cleaned and dried.

What happens if you puncture a Febreze can?

But any number of problems, such as a puncture, a faulty valve, excessive temperatures, or corrosion can result in unintended depressurization. In the most severe cases, aerosol cans may explode, burning nearby workers and showering them with steel shrapnel.

What happens if I puncture a pressurized can?

What Happens If You Puncture An Aerosol Can? But any time that a problem such as a puncture, a valve problem, excessive heat, or corrosion occurs, unintended depressurization can occur. An aerosol can can explosion will most likely fire steel shrapnel into nearby workers and burn them.

How do you dispose of deodorant?

If it is completely empty, your aerosol can may go into the normal recycling for cans/tins. Aerosol cans that are either partially or completely full need to be separated from your other recyclables and general waste as they are considered hazardous waste.

Can I cut open an aerosol can?

Can You Puncture An Aerosol Can? handlers are allowed to cut through and drain aerosol cans under the standard aerosol wastes universal waste rule, where they use a puncturing mechanism to “treat” the aerosols. Metal can be recycled from punctured or drained aerosol cans.