Is Tour du Mont Blanc for beginners?

Is Tour du Mont Blanc for beginners?

A good option for beginners: Many hiking tours around the world are challenging, even for seasoned hikers. However, the Mont Blanc trek is special because it’s doable for anyone who is reasonably fit.

How long does Tour du Mont Blanc take?

The Tour du Mont Blanc can be completed in as little as three days (if you’re going for speed) or 13-plus days, depending on how many miles you want to cover per day. During the hike you can stay in mountain huts, tents, hotels—or a mixture of all of the above.

Can you do Tour du Mont Blanc in 7 days?

Circle the highest summit in Western Europe in just six days of trekking with this weeklong summer itinerary. Start in the Chamonix Valley a nd hike through France, Italy, and Switzerland with iconic Alpine vistas throughout.

How hard is hiking Mont Blanc?

Climbing Mont Blanc is not a technically difficult ascent, but it does present important risks. It can be pursued by climbers with limited skill levels and experience, provided they are in company of a certified mountain guide. But of course, this doesn’t mean it is an easy ascent either.

Is the Tour du Mont Blanc difficult?

The Tour du Mont Blanc is 170 km long with approximately 10,000 metres of ascent and descent along the way. This may seem like a daunting amount of trekking, but remember it’s spread over several days. That makes it doable for most keen hikers – and even beginners with strong determination when the going gets tough.

How hard is Tour de Mont Blanc?

The Tour du Mont Blanc is for sure a stunningly beautiful trek but it isn’t easy and each day you will experience some challenging terrain. The Tour du Mont Blanc is physically demanding, you will be travelling over rugged and mountainous terrain with a sustained amount of ascent and descent on a daily basis.

What is Tour du Mont Blanc hike?

The Tour du Mont Blanc is a 170 km trekking trail through France, Italy and Switzerland. Circumnavigating Western Europe’s highest mountain, Mont Blanc, it is one of the world’s classic multi day treks and is on every serious hiker’s bucket list. Tour du Mont Blanc Hike is a blog dedicated to all aspects of the famous Tour du Mont Blanc trail.

How much does it cost to go to Mont Blanc?

Guided Deluxe Tour du Mont Blanc starting at $5,995. Click to book now. (Includes accommodations, transportation to/from the airport, luggage transfers and meals.) Self-guided Tour du Mont Blanc starting at $2,495. Click to book now.

Why join Mont Blanc treks this summer?

Experience one of the world’s most spectacular classic treks and join Mont Blanc Treks this summer, with our great range of professionally guided and self-guided trekking holidays. The Tour du Mont Blanc features in the World’s top ten ‘must do’ treks and it’s not hard to understand why as this trek is outstanding with amazing views day after day.

How tall is Mont Blanc in feet?

Hike and Trek around Mont Blanc, which rises over 15,770 feet (4,808 meters) above sea level, and is the snow-capped queen of the Alps. Its flanks, glaciers, and deep valleys straddle three countries—France, Italy, and Switzerland. Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc is the trip of a lifetime.