Is Tiens a true company?

Is Tiens a true company?

TIENS Company In Pakistan Fake or Real? Tiens Company is Fake, Thier Schemes are Fraud, They are scammers Thier most schemes are fake, they will say that you’ll be rich after joining them but instead of becoming rich you’ll be scammmed and they will eat your all money.

How many countries are in Tiens?

And with its business reaching over 190 countries, Tiens Group has set up branches in 110 countries & regions and has established strategic alliances with top-rank enterprises from many countries.

Who is the owner of Tiens?

Li Jinyuan
Li Jinyuan (Chinese: 李金元; born 1958) is a Chinese businessman, investor, and philanthropist. He is the founder, chief executive, and chairman of Tiens Group, a direct seller of healthcare products….

Li Jinyuan
Alma mater Nankai University
Occupation Founder, Chairman and CEO, Tiens Group
Board member of Tiens Group

What is Tiens company in Pakistan?

Tiens Group was founded in 1995 by Li Jinyuan. Tiens entered the international market in 1997. The company’s initial product offerings included traditional Chinese medicinal products, calcium tablets, and instant coffee.

What is the rank of Tiens?

TIENS -Tiens Group Ranked 22nd.

How does Tiens company work?

Business System of TIENS In this business system money flows to the top of the pyramid and people at the bottom of pyramid get nothing. You have to convince the people to spend their money for nothing (to get the worthless products which have value of Rs. 300 to 500 but people have to pay for them about Rs.

What is the work of Tiens company?

By producing health food, health care product, skincare product and household product, Tiens Group has become the lifestyle choice of health, happiness, beauty and affluence for over 16 million families worldwide.

How do I join Tiens company?

How do i join? All you have to do , to join Tianshi as an independent distributor is to purchase a business Kit or starter Kit for the minimum cost of Rs. 1000/-. This Purchase makes you a 1-star independent distributor with a life time membership.

What is the mission of Tiens?

Mission Statement:” To provide global consumers with quality products and opportunities of education & cause, improve their life quality, and make the society harmonious.” Business Philosophy: “Contributing to society by restoring health to mankind.”

How do you become a Tiens distributor?