Is there good diving in St Lucia?

Is there good diving in St Lucia?

Saint Lucia is a top-ranking dive destination where over 150 different species of fishes can be found. Both photographers and dive lovers are in store of an exciting experience on the island where divers can explore marine parks, reefs, shipwrecks, and more.

What is the deadliest dive site in the world?

Here are the Top 10 Most Dangerous Dive Sites in The World

  • Egypt’s Blue Hole, Dahab, and Sinai, Egypt.
  • Blue Hole, Lighthouse Reef, Belize.
  • The Shaft Sinkhole, Mount Gambier, Australia.
  • Cenote Esqueleto, The Temple of Doom, Tulum, Mexico.
  • Coco’s Island, Costa Rica.
  • Samaesan Hole, Samaesan Bay, Thailand.

Where are the best diving sites?

Top 20 Dive Sites in the World

  1. Wolf And Darwin Islands, Galapagos, Ecuador.
  2. South Pass, Fakarava, French Polynesia.
  3. Anemone City, Alor, Indonesia.
  4. Richelieu Rock, Andaman Sea, Thailand.
  5. Tiger Beach, Grand Bahama, Bahamas.
  6. Roca Partida, Socorro, Mexico.
  7. SS Thistlegorm, Red Sea, Egypt.
  8. Blue Heron Bridge, Florida, USA.

How much does it cost to scuba dive in St Lucia?

(Rates do not include BCD, Regulator or Wet Suit – see listing below for rates)

1 Day (2 Dives) US$116.00
2 Days (4 Dives) US$231.00
3 Days (6 Dives) US$321.00
4 Days (8 Dives) US$435.00

Does St Lucia sharks?

Visitors to iSimangaliso’s popular St Lucia beaches are warned of the presence of sharks – predominantly Zambezi (Bull) sharks which are common residents in that part of the Indian ocean, and during the past week they were spotted again off Jabula Beach.

Can you swim with sharks in St Lucia?

No shark dives in St Lucia, although by great luck you may come across one. (I haven’t yet.) You really only need a cage for great whites, but there is no shark feeding in St Lucia anyway. Try the Bahamas if you have your heart set on shark dives.

Who are the best scuba divers in the world?

Famous scuba divers. Almost everyone has heard of Jacques Cousteau. He is probably the most famous diver in the history of scuba diving.

Who is world’s best diver?

Another chinese diver, Chen Ruolin, has five golds too. The higest ranked male diver is US diver Greg Louganis with four gold medals….Table: The Top Ranked Athletes from Diving at the Olympic Games (including 2021)

rank 1
name Wu Minxia
country China
gender F
Gold 5

Can you swim in the sea in St Lucia?

It’s also known as sugar beach thanks to its pristine white sand, imported from Guyana, and the bay’s blissfully calm waters are protected under St Lucia’s National Marine Reserve, making them ideal for swimming and snorkelling.

Can you swim in St Lucia?

The beaches on the western side of the island front the tranquil turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea and are favored for swimming and water sports, while the wild but beautiful eastern side churns with the more turbulent waters of the Atlantic Ocean, making it great for surfers and those who like the watch the waves.