Is Saturn good for Libra ascendant?

Is Saturn good for Libra ascendant?

The native with Saturn in 4th House for Libra Ascendant is happy with their mother. The native gets the power of land and house property. The native with Saturn in 4th House for Libra Ascendant likes their partner and enjoys sexual pleasures. The native pays more attention to get family happiness.

Which Dasha is good for Tula Lagna?

Saturn mahaDasha and bhukthi give auspicious results. Mercury: the lord of 9th and 12th houses, mercury gives good results. Here the 9th house is the most spacious house in the horoscope. Venus: the Lagna lord also rules the 8th house, Venus gives good results.

Is Saturn good for Libra?

Therefore Saturn is said to be best placed or exalted in Libra, which is the sign of balance and relationship. If you were born with Saturn in Libra, then you may be refined and intellectual; you may be a natural diplomat and a great sense of tact.

Is Saturn Mahadasha good for Libra ascendant?

People born under Libra Ascendant (Thula Lagna) will have favorable period during Saturn, Mercury, Mars and Venus dasas according to Vedic Astrology. Sun and Jupiter dasas give unfavorable results, while Moon, Rahu and Ketu dasas give partially succesfull results.

How does Saturn delay marriage?

MAJOR REASONS FOR DELAY IN MARRIAGE Saturn is known for delaying any work, so if it has any type of relation with the 7th house (placement, aspect or conjugates) than it is considered as a major reason. 7th house lord is weak in any case, viz- retrograde, combust or debilitate.

Is Saturn debilitated in Libra?

Saturn gets exalted in Libra and it is debilitated in Aries.

Is Rahu good in Libra?

Rahu in Libra gives the native detachment from elders of the family. Such a person tends to experience problems in life, especially in relationships. Loss of land and property is possible too with this position of Rahu. While Rahu in Libra makes the person tactful, it is not good for love and married life.

Which dasha is good for Libra ascendant?