Is Parker 45 a good pen?

Is Parker 45 a good pen?

The Writing Experience Parker 45s provide an incredible writing experience for the price that they are sold. The 14k nib is soft (though you shouldn’t try to flex it) and beautifully smooth. I find most of them to be quite wet as well, making the thicker nib sizes to be one of my favorite pens to use shading inks in.

What is a broad nib pen?

B (broad or bold). A nib that will give a line width of around 1.0mm. Suitable for those with large writing or for signatures. A (“Anfänger” = beginner). A rounded point made by Lamy for the abc and nexx fountain pens, although we can fit this nib to any Lamy pen that takes a steel nib.

How much is an old Parker pen worth?

Valuations of Common Vintage Fountain Pens

Fountain Pen Mint Parts
Parker Duofold $300 $25
Waterman 52 $250 $25
Parker 51 $80 $15
Parker Vacumatic $150 $25

Are Parker pens valuable?

Vintage yellow Duofolds are extremely collectible, but a blue model named for the Zaner Blouser calligraphy school is one of the most rare Parkers ever made. In fact, as a group, the vintage Parker Duofold fountain pens from the 1920s are extraordinarily beautiful writing instruments.

When was Parker 45 discontinued?

The 45 was eventually discontinued in 2007 after an amazing production run that saw a huge number of varieties and colours produced, but all using the same shell, nib and ink system fitting making parts almost totally interchangeable between pens.

Why do people like broad nibs?

There’s an undeniable attractiveness to a fat blob of tipping gliding over the page on a wave of ink. Broad nibs, like the tyres on a monster truck, give a smoother ride over the page grain. If you’re annoyed by scratchy fine nibs, give a broad nib a chance. The freedom and speed are just plain fun.