Is Omni epoxy primer Sandable?

Is Omni epoxy primer Sandable?

Primary use: fill and sandability. Primer surfacers are designed to deliver good fill and easy sanding.

What is the mixing ratio for Omni epoxy primer?

it is mixed 2:1:1 with 175 and reducer. You can leave out the reducer and its a primer. You do not have to let it set . I used to seal a car and let it flash for 10-15 min.

Is Omni epoxy primer any good?

Omni epoxy primer is garbage. I’ve found that Southern Polyurethane incorporated (SPI) makes a great epoxy primer for $200 for two sprayable gallons. I base every paint job on this epoxy. You can get it online shipped to you.

Who makes Omni paint?

PPG Industries’
STRONGSVILLE, Ohio, July 8, 2014 – PPG Industries’ (NYSE:PPG) automotive refinish business has expanded its OMNI™ Plus product offering with the addition of MC2800 EUROPLUS™ Speed Clear, a 4.2 VOC (volatile organic compound) high-solids clearcoat that addresses the performance and value priorities of the cost-conscious …

How do you mix Omni?

How to Mix Omni Auto Paints

  1. Put on respirator and plastic gloves.
  2. Pour Omni auto paint into mixing container.
  3. Add two parts automotive paint clear.
  4. Add one part automotive paint reducer.
  5. Add one part automotive paint hardener.
  6. Mix thoroughly with paint stir stick. Use funnel to pour paint mixture into paint gun.

How do you use omni paint?

What kind of paint is Omni?

The Omni MC2910 EuroPlus Multi-Panel Clearcoat delivers outstanding gloss and appearance. Available for use in all markets, this easy-to-use clear has a simple mix ratio and is ideal for large repairs, or where a high gloss finish is desired.