Is Nord piano worth buying?

Is Nord piano worth buying?

Nord keyboards generally have good keys for stage keyboards, and a quick test run will easily show you why. The keys on the Nord Piano 4 aren’t the greatest, but they are by no means bad. The keys have the necessary heft and depth to feel like real keys, yet they feel very responsive.

Is the Nord Electro 3 worth it?

The Electro 3 73 is REALLY good BUT not Perfect! The organs, elec pianos and synth sounds are very good. The effects are easy to set and the best in the business. It is easy to set up your own user patches, but you have to scroll thru all the patches to get to the one you need for any paticular song.

What is the Nord Electro good for?

The Nord Electro Series This collection of three keyboards combines both organ and piano. And, like the Piano 5, it also has a Sample/Synth section which allows you to load in synth sounds, strings and brass too.

Is the Nord stage the best?

The Nord Piano 3 has a keyboard more like a grand piano, so it is ideal for those who prefer the experience of playing the piano over functions and sound quality, however, for those who want a more complete choice or prefer to sacrifice a little experience to gain functionality and quality, the Nord Stage 3 is the best …

How long does Nord Piano last?

So overall I’d say 10+ years you should be able to get out of your keyboard. And agreed, even after some years still very much enjoyable to just sit down and play – I usually use the Piano/Organ/Synth INIT buttons to start from scratch and playing with the controls till I get the sound I like for a new tune/idea.

When was the Nord Electro 2 released?

The Electro was released in 61- and 73-key versions as well as a rack version, which featured all the same controls as the keyboard versions. In 2002, the Nord Electro 2 was released.

Is Nord Electro 3 weighted?

Pros. Compact, light, portable, and well built. Great sounding organ, pianos and FX and infinite sonic palette using samples. Great feeling semi-weighted waterfall keyboard available in 61/73 note sizes.

Why are Nord keyboards so good?

The best feature about the Nord is that it is ‘modular’. To give you a bit of history, most keyboards for the past few decades have been based off of presets and banks. After turning on the keyboard you would dial thru a vast amount of sounds.