Is Mu Sigma a good company Quora?

Is Mu Sigma a good company Quora?

Mu Sigma is a great company to start your career. I have seen people leaving Mu Sigma after taking 10-12 months of experience and having more than 100%-150% hike in their pay.

Is Mu Sigma an Indian company?

Mu-Sigma, founded by Dhiraj Rajaram in 2004, is a category defining decision sciences and Big Data Analytics Company, helping enterprise organizes better data driven decision making. The company has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, US. The company has ISO 27001 certification.

Is Mu Sigma a mass recruiter?

Mu Sigma – Bad experience, Its becoming another mass recruiter | Glassdoor.

Does Mu Sigma hire freshers?

Mu Sigma is now going to recruit in freshers positions in any location. All the job seekers who are willing to start their career with a good company can apply to Mu Sigma online.

How is Mu Sigma for freshers Quora?

I joined Mu Sigma as my first job, like many others, fresh out of college with somewhat minimal idea of what to do ahead in life (I know most of us haven’t planned that even yet). I had a 5 months break between my college and this thing, FIVE FULL MONTHS. You can imagine how lazy I would have become in that time.

Is Mu Sigma a unicorn?

Mu Sigma is recognized as a leading pure-play Big Data Analytics and Decision Sciences provider in Wikibon’s latest research. Fortune names Mu Sigma to the Unicorn category the billion-dollar technology start-up.

How much does Mu Sigma for freshers?

The new recruits will join the company on a fixed pay slab of Rs 3 lakh per annum which will jump to Rs 5 lakh in the second year, Rs 7 lakh in the third and Rs 10 lakh in the final year of the contract.