Is it safe to swim in Medina Lake?

Is it safe to swim in Medina Lake?

Just because there’s more water in it now, he said, doesn’t mean it’s safe to swim in it. “The lake has been stagnant going on three years now,” said Bonahoom,” and as we all know you can get all kinds of parasites or things can happen in stagnant water that you do not want to swim in.

Is Medina Lake drying up?

The century-old lake — a reservoir on the Medina River that stretches 18 miles between Medina and Bandera counties just northwest of San Antonio — is going dry again. Its water level has dropped significantly over the past two years, steadily dwindling for months until barely above the lake’s floor.

Do you have to pay at Medina Lake?

Bandera County Medina Lake Park. NOTICE: All fees must be paid in cash. NO checks, debit, or credit cards.

What time does Medina Lake Open?

Park Road 37 Boat launch open 24 hours; park open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Is Medina safe to swim in 2020?

Medina River Natural Area has pecan trees and cypress along the river banks. You’ll have access to plenty of scenic hiking and biking trails. Dogs are welcome, but have to be leashed. Note that boating and swimming are NOT allowed.

What is the water level at Lake Medina?

Most Recent Instantaneous Water Level

Date/time Water Level (ft)
Most recent 2022-04-05 06:00 1,012.17
1 hour prior 2022-04-05 05:00 1,012.17
2 hours prior 2022-04-05 04:00 1,012.19
6 hours prior 2022-04-05 00:00 1,012.21

Why is Medina Lake so empty?

The level of Medina Lake, a reservoir used for recreation, irrigation and drinking water, is dropping due to little rain and high temperatures all summer.

Does Medina Lake have water?

2013-06-19: The vertical datum for the 1995 TWDB rating curve for Lake Medina has been adjusted from NGVD29-7.81ft to NGVD29-7.80ft….Additional Information.

Impoundment date 1913-01-01
Emergency spillway crest elevation 1,072.30 ft above NGVD29
Top of dam elevation 1,076.20 ft above NGVD29

Can you kayak at Medina Lake?

Yes – paddling around is easy. If you paddle far away and try to take-out you’ll be on someone’s private property, so be mindful of where you launch and land. The area is nice but constrained – there are well-marked places for playing in the water whereas your public park waterfront is all free-game.

Does Medina Lake have public access?

Much of Medina Lake’s shoreline is private property. Public access for launching boats is somewhat limited. Currently, you can access the lake at Bandera County Park at Medina Lake or at Red Cove Camp.

Is Medina Lake Open 2021?

Open 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. No admittance after 7:00 PM. Please be sure you have time to pack up and be out by 8:00 PM.

Is Possum Kingdom Lake safe to swim in?

Possum Kingdom State Park Possum Kingdom Lake has over 300 miles of shoreline and is located only an hour west of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. You can swim, boat, fish, snorkel, and scuba dive or even cool off in an air-conditioned cabin.