Is an ultrasonic record cleaner worth it?

Is an ultrasonic record cleaner worth it?

If you’ve got the funds and inclination, ultrasonic cleaning could be the most effective method of deep-cleaning vinyl record grooves. Many, in fact, single this process out as the most effective at cleaning stubborn, soiled records.

Does ultrasonic cleaning damage vinyl records?

The microscopic vacuum bubbles produced in an ultrasonic record cleaner implode with great force to loosen and carry away these contaminants, but the process is so fast there is no damage to the vinyl records being cleaned .

What is a good solution for cleaning vinyl records?

Isopropyl Alcohol, Distilled Water, and Dishwashing Soap The exact mixture is one part isopropyl alcohol, one part distilled water, and one to two drops of dishwashing soap. This combination of fluids is widely recommended as an efficient mixture to clean records using what are household materials.

How long does it take to clean ultrasonic records?

The bracket can also accommodate 10-inch LP and the smaller 45 rpm discs in such a way that only the grooves are subjected to ultrasonic cleaning action. Records are rotated into and out of the cleaning solution at 1 to 5 rpm. Three records can be cleaned in 8 minutes, 1 record in 5 minutes.

How do you clean ultrasonic records?

How to Set Up your Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Cycle

  1. Stack the records on the shaft of the drive motor, alternating with spacers.
  2. Slip the end cap over the last record with slight pressure and tighten.
  3. Slip the bearing support over the drive shaft end and position the unit on the cleaning tank rims.

Can I use alcohol to clean vinyl records?

Cleaning your vinyl records with pure alcohol is not safe and you should never use undiluted alcohol to clean them. Some commercially available record cleaning solutions do contain a small concentration of isopropyl alcohol, but this is mixed with other ingredients.

What is the best type of record cleaner?

But for routine care and keeping your vinyls in top shape, here are our recommendations for the best products to buy to clean your records.

  • Spin-Clean Record Washer Kit.
  • Boundless Audio Record Cleaner Brush.
  • Big Fudge Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit.
  • GrooveWasher Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit.