How old is the Land Grant Trophy?

How old is the Land Grant Trophy?

Land Grant Trophy

Michigan State–Penn State football rivalry
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Teams Michigan State Spartans Penn State Nittany Lions
First meeting 1914
Latest meeting 2010

Who designed the Land Grant Trophy?

The trophy, designed by former Michigan State coach George Perles , features pictures of Penn State’s Old Main and Michigan State’s Beaumont Tower . Michigan State won the most recent meeting between the two by a score of 35 to 31 on November 17 , 2007 at Spartan Stadium .

Why is it called the Land Grant Trophy?

The Land Grant Trophy honors Penn State’s and Michigan State’s unique places in history as the two pioneer land-grant institutions in the United States. Each school was founded in 1855, Michigan State on Feb. 12 and Penn State on Feb.

Does Notre Dame play Michigan State?

Notre Dame is the current holder of the trophy, with a 38–18 victory on September 23, 2017. They will hold the Megaphone Trophy until 2026 when the two teams are scheduled to play again….Michigan State–Notre Dame football rivalry.

Latest meeting September 23, 2017 Notre Dame, 38–18
Next meeting 2026 in South Bend

What trophy does Michigan State and Penn State play for?

The Land Grant Trophy
The Michigan State–Penn State football rivalry is an American college football rivalry between the Michigan State Spartans and Penn State Nittany Lions. The Land Grant Trophy is presented to the winner of the game.

How much does the Land Grant Trophy weigh?

76.2 pounds
Thanks to one Reddit user’s curiosity and the Freedom of Information Act, Michigan State released the official weight of college football’s most iconic trophy. The colossal mound of rubble and federal grant-funded greatness reportedly weighs in at a whopping 76.2 pounds. That’s roughly the weight of: An 11-year-old boy.

How many times has Ohio State played Notre Dame in football?

The Head-To-Head History. The Buckeyes have faced Notre Dame a total of six times on the gridiron and hold a 4-2 edge with a current win streak of four. The skinny of it, Ohio State has its last two victories coming in post-season bowl games in both 2006 and 2016.

What is Michigan’s record against Penn State?

Michigan has had the upper hand thus far in the all-time series and owns a 14-10 record against the Nittany Lions. Overall, through 24 meetings, Michigan has outscored Penn State 595-522.

Are Michigan and Penn State rivals?

Another designated rival, Penn State plays Michigan State the final game of the regular season. The two schools play for the Lang Grant Trophy. Since joining the Big Ten in 1993, the Nittany Lions have beaten the Spartans 12 of 16 times, including the first four games.

Why does Michigan not play Notre Dame?

Michigan vs. Notre Dame decided to back out of the rivalry after the 2014 season, in part because of the program’s commitment to play more games against ACC teams. When Jim Harbaugh was hired as U-M’s coach, his call to Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly helped initiate the two programs playing one another again.