How much is a bottle of Jack?

How much is a bottle of Jack?

The flavors and Rye are usually about the same price as the black label, whereas the Gentleman Jack is closer to $40 for a liter, Single Barrel Series bottles range from $45 to $65 for a 750ml bottle with the Barrel Strength being the priciest, and Frank Sinatra Select will cost you big, with prices ranging from $130 …

How much are Jack Daniels bottles?

Jack Daniel’s bottle sizes and prices

Bottle Size Price (USD)
Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 750ml $25
Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select 1 liter $170
Gentleman Jack 750ml $30
Jack Daniel’s Rye Whiskey 1 liter $40

How much is 375mL of Jack Daniels?

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Store Information Price and Size
Sherry’s Wine and Spirits Washington, DC – 202-234-9200 United States $ 16.99 Half-Bottle (375 mL) Sponsored
Quality Liquor Store San Diego, CA – 619-295-9108 United States Shipping info for Quality Liquor Store $ 89.99 Half-Bottle (375 mL) Sponsored

How much are small bottles of whiskey?

Small bottles of spirits, liqueurs, and other alcoholic beverages are miniatures. Individual servings of each can be obtained from their contents, typically 50ml….How Much Do Whiskey Bottles Cost?

Brand Country Avg Price
Jameson Ireland $22
Jack Daniel’s USA $22
Blanton’s USA $55
TX USA $30

How old is Jack Daniels No 7?

4.0 Years
Jack Daniel`s Old No 7 is a world-famous whiskey that`s been awarded seven gold medals, including one collected by Jack Daniel himself at the 1904 World`s Fair in St Louis, when it was named the world`s best whiskey….Official Overview.

ABV: 43.0%
AGE: 4.0 Years

What is the cheapest bottle of whiskey?

Budget Whiskey: 10 Great Bottles Under $25

  • Mellow Corn – $12.99.
  • Evan Williams Bottled in Bond – $15.99.
  • Evan Williams 1783 – $16.99.
  • Old Granddad Bottled in Bond – $24.99.
  • Fighting Cock Bourbon – $18.99.
  • Canadian Club 100% Rye – $19.99.
  • Old Overholt Rye – $16.99.
  • Old Crow – $11.99.

What sizes does Jack Daniels come in?

Jack Daniels 200ml

  • 1.75L size IS available (Jack Daniel’s Sour Mash 1.75L)
  • 1L (liquor) size IS available (Jack Daniel’s Sour Mash 1.0L)
  • 375mL (liquor) size IS available (Jack Daniel’s Sour Mash 375ml)
  • 50mL (plastic) size IS available (Jack Daniel’s 50ml)

Does Jack Daniels come in a plastic bottle?

The Jack Daniels Old No 7 Whiskey 375ml in a plastic bottle is the first whiskey of its kind. It’s a classic drink that you’ll find in every bar for good reason–it streams through an exclusive blend of fine flavors, which are passed on to you with every sip.

What size is a miniature bottle of whiskey?

Miniature (1.5 oz/44 ml then 1.7 fl oz/50 mL) Miniature whiskey bottles were very popular in prohibition-era United States. The original U.S. miniature bottles were the same size as the jigger (1.5 oz/44 mL), which was used to measure spirits. They were also commonly available in the U.S. as ⅛ Pint (2 oz. or 59 mL).