Advice How much does it cost to enter Jones Beach?

How much does it cost to enter Jones Beach?

How much does it cost to enter Jones Beach?

There is no admission charge to visit the Jones Beach Energy & Nature Center or grounds. However, a parking fee may apply. There is a required fee of $4 per person per program.

Is Jones Beach currently open?

Open Daily 9am-4:30pm. Website: Phone Number: 516-809-8222.

How much does it cost to park at Jones Beach?

Drivers destined for Jones Beach can take Wantagh or Meadowbrook parkways south to the junction with Ocean Parkway and follow the signs to the field of their choice. Parking fees are $10 during peak times or $8 during non-peak times.

Do you have to pay at Jones Beach?

The vehicle use fee at Jones Beach is $10.00 and is collected 6am – 6pm Saturday, Sunday and Holidays. 8am – 4pm Monday through Friday. Loud radios, alcohol, roller blading and pets are all prohibited at Jones Beach. History: On August 4, 1929, Jones Beach State Park was first opened to the public.

What date does Jones Beach Open?

Jones Beach State Park
Created August 4, 1929
Operated by New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation
Visitors 8,313,133 (in 2020)
Open All year

Do seniors pay for parking at Jones Beach?

And the best is on week days for us 62 or older the parking is free, just show your drivers license.

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